10th Class Computer Chapter 5 Important Long Questions 2024

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Students you know these are Computer Science Unit 5 Functions Questions Which will help you in your Final Computer book exams so don’t forget to read and learn these Class 10 Computer questions If you want to get good marks.

Class 10 Computer Chapter 5 Notes

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Chapter/FullChapter 5
BoardPunjab Board

10th Class Computer Chapter 5 Important Long Questions Notes

  • 1) What do you know about the problem-solving approach and divide and conquer technique?
  • 2) Enlist the parts of a function definition.
  • 3) What general structure is used to make a Function call?
  • 4) Is it necessary to use compatible data types in function definition and function call? Justify your answer with an example.
  • 5) Write a function is Prime () that takes a number as input and returns 1 if the input number is prime, otherwise returns 0. Use this function in main().
  • 6) What is a function? Explain different types of functions in C.
  • 7) Explain the benefits of using functions.
  • 8) Describe the process of defining a function in C language.
  • 9) What is a function call? Explain an example.
  • 10) Explain the process of passing values to the function with an example.
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Computer Chapter 5 Questions


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