10th Class Computer Chapter 3 Important Short Questions 2024

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Class 10 Computer Chapter 3 Notes

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10th Class Computer Chapter 3 Important Short Questions Notes

  • The flow of program execution is controlled through control statements.
  • Sequential control is the default control structure in C language. According to the sequential control, all the statements are executed in the given sequence.
  • The statements which help us to decide which statements should be executed next, on the basis of conditions, are called selection statements.
  • In the if statement, we specify a condition and associate a code to it. The code gets executed if the specified condition turns out to be true, otherwise, the code does not get executed.
  • A condition could be any valid expression including arithmetic expressions, relational expressions, logical expressions, or a combination of these.
  • The associated code in the if statement is any valid C language set of statements.
  • The if-else statement executes the set of statements under the if statement if the condition is true and executes the set of statements under else otherwise.
  • An if statement may not have an associated else statement, but an else statement must have an if statement to which it is associated.
  • Selection statements within selection statements are called nested selection structures.

Define These Terms:

  • 1) Control Statements
  • 2) Selection Statements
  • 3) Sequential Control
  • 4) Condition
  • 5) Nested Selection Structures

Briefly Answers of these Short Questions

1) Why do we need selection statements?
2) Differentiate between sequential and selection statements.
3) Differentiate between the if statement and the if-else statement with an example.
4) What is the use of nested selection structures?
5) Write the structure of the if statement with a brief description.

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Computer Chapter 3 Short Questions


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