10th Class Computer Chapter 1 MCQs Notes 2024

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Class 10 Computer Chapter 1 MCQs

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10th Class Computer Chapter 1 MCQs Notes

1: A software that facilitates programmers in writing computer programs is known as

a) a compiler
b) an editor
c) an IDE
d) a debugger

2: is software that is responsible for the conversion of program files to machine-understandable and executable code.

a) Compiler
b) Editor
c) IDE-
d) Debugger

3: Every programming language has some primitive building blocks and follows some grammar rules known as its

a) programming rules
b) syntax
c) building blocks
d) semantic rules

4: A list of words that are predefined and must not be used by the programmer to name his own variables is known as

a) auto words
b) reserved words
c) restricted words
d) predefined words

5: include statements that are written in.

a) header
b) main section.
c) comments
d) print

6: are added in the source code to further explain the techniques and algorithms used by the programmer.

a) Messages
b) Hints
c) Comments
d) Explanations

7: are the values that do not change during the whole execution of the program.

a) Variables
b) Constants
c) Strings
d) Comments

8: A float uses _ bytes of memory.

a) 3
b) 4
c) 5
d) 6

9: For initializing a variable, we use

a) Arrow
b) = operator.
c) @

10: can be thought of as a container to store constants.

a) box
b) jar
c) variable
d) collection

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Computer Chapter 1 MCQs


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