10th Class Computer Chapter 1 Important Long Questions 2024

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Students you know these are Computer Unit 1 Introduction To Programming Questions Which will help you in your Final Computer book exams so don’t forget to read and learn these Class 10 Computer questions If you want to get good marks.

Class 10 Computer Chapter 1 Notes

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10th Class Computer Chapter 1 Important Long Questions

  • What is a computer program and computer programming?
  • What is a programming language? What do you know about C language?
  • What is a programming environment? Describe integrated development environment IDEs
  • Explain the modules of text editor and compiler for the C programming environment.
  • What is a character set? List different types of characters in C language.
  • Describe the importance of syntax in programming. What is the cause of syntax errors in programs?
  • Write the procedure to write, save, compile, and execute a C program in Code Blocks.

Explain These Terms:

  • 1) IDE
  • 2) Compiler
  • 3) Reserved Words
  • 4) Main section of a program
  • 5) char data type

Solve These Exercises

With the help of your teacher open the IDE installed on your lab computer for writing C programs.
Write the following program in the editor and save it as “welcome.c”.



void main()
/A simple C language program/ printf(“Welcome to C language”); getch();
Run the program to see Welcome to C language printed on the screen as
Write a program that declares variables of appropriate data types to store the personal data about your best friend. Initialize these variables with the following data:
initial letter of his name
initial letter of his gender
his age his height

Computer Questions
Computer Chapter 1 Questions


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