10th Class Chemistry Chapter 11 Long Questions 2024

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Class 10 Chemistry Chapter 11 Notes

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Chapter/FullChapter 11
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Class 10 Chemistry Chapter 11 Important Long Questions

  • How is coal formed? What are the different types of coal?
  • Write down the composition and uses of different types of coal.
  • What is a destructive distillation of coal?
  • Name the different types of the products obtained by the destructive distillation of coal.
  • Write a detailed note on functional groups of alkenes and alkynes. How are they identified from other compounds?
  • Give some uses of organic compounds in our daily lives.
  • Write down the characteristics of homologous series.
  • Why are organic compounds numerous?
  • What are amines? Explain the different types of amines giving an example of each type.
  • How primary amino group is identified?
  • Describe the functional group of an alcohol. How are alcoholic groups identified?
  • Differentiate between aldehydic and ketonic functional groups. How are both identified from each other?
  • Encircle the functional groups in the following compounds. Also, give the names of the functional groups.
  • What are the general properties of organic compounds?
  • Write a detailed note on the classification of organic compounds.
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Chemistry Chapter 11 Long Questions


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