10th Class Chemistry Chapter 10 Important Long Questions 2024

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Class 10 Chemistry Chapter 10 Notes

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Class 10 Chemistry Chapter 10 Long Questions

  • Define an acid and a base according to the Bronsted-Lowry concept and justify with examples that water is an amphoteric compound.
  • Explain the Lewis concept of acids and bases.
  • What is auto-ionization of water? How is it used to establish the pH of water?
  • Define salt and give the characteristic properties of salts.
  • Explain with examples how are soluble salts prepared.
  • Give the characteristics of an acidic salt.
  • Give four uses of calcium oxide.
  • You have a strong acid (HNO3) and strong base (NaOH) on mixing
  • i. What type of salt you will have?
  • ii. What type of reaction will it be?
  • iii. Will it be soluble or insoluble salt?
  • iv. If it is soluble, how will it be recovered?
  • Explain why:
  • i. HC1 forms only one series of salts.
  • ii. H2SO4 forms two series of salts.
  • iii. H3PO4 forms three series of salts.
  • Give necessary equations.
  • Classify the following salts as soluble or insoluble salts:
  • i. Sodium chloride ii. Silver nitrate
  • iii. Lead chloride iv. Copper sulfate
  • v. Barium sulfate vi. Ammonium chloride
  • vii. Sodium carbonate viii. Calcium carbonate
  • ix. Ferric chloride x. Magnesium sulphate
Chemistry Questions
Chemistry Chapter 10 Long Questions

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