10th Class Biology Guess Paper 2024 Punjab Board

Students if you are looking for the 10th Class Biology Guess Paper 2024 Punjab Board if yes? then you visit the right place where you can easily find the Biology most important short questions as well as long questions without answers but your duty to find answers from your 10th class Biology book.

Students you know that these Guess Paper 2024 of Class 10 Biology are helpful so don’t ignore them to read and find out answers from your textbook or Biology key book of the 10th class where you are comfortable learning.

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Class 10 Biology Chapter Wise Notes:

  • Chapter 10 – Gaseous Exchange
  • Chapter 11 – Homeostasis
  • Chapter 12 – Coordination and Control
  • Chapter 13 – Support and Movement
  • Chapter 14 – Reproduction
  • Chapter 15 – Inheritance
  • Chapter 16 – Man and His Environment
  • Chapter 17 – Biotechnology
  • Chapter 18 – Pharmacology

Many Students also searching for the 10th Class Biology Chapter Wise Notes but unfortunately, here you will see all chapters of Biology important short as well as long questions but chapter-wise notes we will upload in the coming days.

Biology Guess Paper 2024 10th Class Punjab Board English Medium

Students you know these are only Biology English medium guess papers for the 10 class students of the Punjab board so please carefully read and find out answers from your English medium Biology book so that you can easily read and learn them and you know in these guess papers you will see short questions as well long questions.

Class 10 Biology Guess paper 2024 in Urdu (Urdu Medium)

Students we know that many students adopted class 10 Biology Urdu medium subjects in Pakistan but it is not bad because Urdu is our language which all cities and provinces speak during this period many students elected only class 10 Biology English medium subjects because English is an international language and all people preferred English but in this post students you did not find any Biology urdu medium guess paper of 10 class Biology but you can wait for that day when we will upload on this website for your help.

Students these guess papers of Biology class 10 for Punjab boards:

  • Class 10 Biology Guess Paper 2024 Lahore Board
  • Class 10 Biology Guess Paper 2024 Gujranwala Board
  • Class 10 Biology Guess Paper 2024 Bahawalpur Board
  • Class 10 Biology Guess Paper 2024 D.G.Khan Board
  • Class 10 Biology Guess Paper 2024 Faisalabad Board
  • Class 10 Biology Guess Paper 2024 Multan Board
  • Class 10 Biology Guess Paper 2024 Rawalpindi Board
  • Class 10 Biology Guess Paper 2024 Sargodha Board

Class 10 Biology Guess Paper 2024

Post TopicGuess Paper 2024
Book CodeBiology
Class10th Class
Chapter/FullFull Book
BoardPunjab Boards: Lahore Board, Gujranwala Board, Bahawalpur Board, D.G.Khan Board, Faisalabad Board, Multan Board, Rawalpindi Board, Sargodha Board
Biology Guess Paper Punjab Board

Class 10 Biology Guess Paper 2024 Punjab Board

Biology class 10 important short questions

  • Define inspiration.
  • What is a glottis?
  • Define bronchitis.
  • Write the size of the kidney.
  • Define lithotripsy.
  • Define coordinator:
  • Write the function of the occipital lobe.
  • Why owl cannot see it during the daytime?
  • Define bone and give its examples.
  • What is a tendon?
  • What is meant by cloning?
  • Défine mutation.
  • What is gene flow?
  • Differentiate between genotype and phen.
  • What is a nucleosome?
  • Enlist two sources of variations.
  • Write the effects of acid rain.
  • Define smog.
  • Write effects of eutrophication.
  • Write the difference between renewable and non-
  • renewable natural resources.
  • Write dairy products of fermentation.
  • Define single-cell protein.
  • Define vaccines.
  • Define pharmacology and distinguish it from the pharmacy
  • What are alveoli?
  • What is their function?
  • Explain aerobic respiration:
  • Differentiate between glottis and epiglottis.
  • Define excretion.
  • What is the function of the ureter?
  • Write down the names of different types of neurons.
  • Write a short note on the midbrain.
  • What is the hippocampus?
  • Define hinge joints Give an example.
  • Differentiate between osteoporosis and arthritis.
  • Define double fertilization.
  • Why do gardeners use the methods of cutting and grafting?
  • What Is meant by homologous chromosomes?
  • What are discontinuous variations?
  • Write any two nitrogenous bases of DNA.
  • Compare the breeds and cultivars.
  • What are omnivores? Give an example.
  • What are the reasons for competition among organisms in the ecosystem?
  • Write the name of two types of pollutants.
  • Which bare environment-friendly fuels reduce air pollution?
  • Write uses of ethanol.
  • Write two objectives of genetic engineering.
  • What is a drug? Write the name of its two types.
  • Differentiate between bactericidal and bacteriostatic antibiotics.
  • What is meant by cellular respiration?
  • Write down any two symptoms of emphysema.
  • Differentiate between acute bronchitis and chronic bronchitis
  • Define homeostasis.
  • What are endocrine glands?
  • What are receptors? Give an example.
  • Compare the dendrites and axons.
  • Which two minerals are found in bones?
  • What is an exoskeleton? Give an example.
  • Describe the stem tuber with an example.
  • Define dormancy of seed.
  • W Define genetics.
  • Define chromosome.
  • On which plant Mendel performed experiments.
  • Differentiate between gene and allele.
  • Write down two effects of deforestation.
  • State the mutual relationship between suckerfish and shark.
  • What is dengue fever? How it is transmitted?
  • Draw a simple food chain.
  • Define plasmid.
  • Write down two advantages of single-cell protein.
  • What is the difference between medicinal drugs and addictive drugs?
  • Write down the name of two drugs obtained from minerals.
  • Define decomposers and give one example.
  • Define the pyramid of biomass.
  • What is meant by mutualism?
  • How carbon cycle is a perfect cycle?
  • What is glycolysis?
  • Write down two uses of ethanol.
  • Define bactericidal antibiotics.
  • What is the difference between broad-spectrum and narrow-spectrum antibiotics?
  • What is the function of mucus in the nasal cavity?
  • Explain stomata.
  • Which bacterium is responsible for pneumonia?
  • From which plants resins and latex are produced?
  • What is kidney failure? How it is treated?
  • Define hormones. Write down the names of any two hormones.
  • Write down a note on the forebrain.
  • What is a nerve impulse?
  • What is meant by a skeleton?
  • Define exoskeleton.
  • Define dormancy of seed by pollination.
  • What is meant by pollination? Write down the name of its type.
  • Write down the genotypes of blood group B.
  • Define Mendel’s law of independent assortment.
  • What is meant by nucleosomes?
  • Differentiate between dominant and recessive alleles.

Biology Class 10 important Long questions

  • (a) Describe the functioning of the kidney. What is cartilage? Describe its types.
  • (b) Explain in detail the internal structure of the human ear Describe the structure of the seed:
  • (a) What is a fermenter? Describe it’s using ways
  • (b) What are antibiotics Write not on their three main groups.
  • (a) What is a nephron? Explain its structure in detail
  • (b) Explain in detail the (unction of skeletal muscles.
  • (a) Describe any two disorders of the nervous system.
  • (b) Describe the two mechanisms of animal fertilization.
  • (a) Write basic steps in genetic engineering in detail.
  • (b) Write a detailed note on narcotics and marijuana
  • (a) Define dialysis and explain its types.
  • (b) Explain bicep and tricep muscles.
  • (a) Define neuron. Sketch its diagram. Describe their types on the basis of their functions.
  • (b) What is pollination? Discuss its kinds.
  • (a) Define fermenters and write down a note on their different types.
  • (b) Write down a note on any two main groups of antibiotics.
  • (a) Explain the function of the kidney in detail.
  • (b) Write down notes on bone and cartilage in detail.
  • (a) Define neuron and describe the structure of a general neuron
  • (b) Write down a note on cutting and grafting.
  • (a) Describe any engineering, and define five achievements of genetic
  • (b) Describe the types of drugs on the basis of their sources and give examples.
Biology Guess Paper
Class 10 Biology Guess Paper 2024 Punjab Board


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