Shandong University CSC Scholarship 2020 | Fully Funded

CSC Scholarships 2020 at Shandong University (SDU) are open to International Students in China. Shandong University Scholarship 2020 is a fully-funded international scholarship offered by the Chinese Government for Masters and Ph.D. degree programs to international students from all over the world. Without IELTS / TOFEL, students may apply. ⠀

Shandong University CSC Scholarship 2020 — Fully funded:
Shandong University:

Shandong University Is A Global Leading & National University of Science located in Shandong, China. It is one of China’s biggest colleges by the local and international student population and is directly supported by the national government. Shandong University Is One Of The New Chinese Higher Education Universities Initiative.

The University of Shandong includes several campuses across China, as
  1. Jinan Central Campus
  2. Hongjialou Campus
  3. Baotuquan Campus
  4. Qianfoshan Campus Software Park Campus
  5. Xinglongshan Campus
  6. Qingdao Campus
  7. Weihai Campus in three different cities (Jinan, Qingdao, and Weihai), covering an area of over 533 hectares (including 200 hectares of the Qingdao campus).

SDU has a full-time enrollment of up to 60,000 students, of whom 40,789 are full-time alumni, 18,816 are postgraduates, and 3,794 are international students.
Shandong University CSC Scholarship 2020: Shandong University University University is one of the biggest and most prestigious universities approved to pursue this initiative to attract foreign Master and Ph.D. candidates. To help the MS or Ph.D. degree in China, SDU provides a fully funded CSC scholarship. China Scholarships Council (CSC) 2020 is a Fully Funded Scholarship that will cover everything under the Chinese Governance Scholarship during the research in China. No English Proficiency Test (IELTS) is required for applicants

Host Country: Study in China

Host University: Shandong University

Scholarships Offered By: Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC) Under the Chinese Government
Scholarships Coverage: Fully Funded

No of Scholarships: Each Year There are 25000+ Scholarships in 270+ Chinese Universities.
Degree Level: Master and PhD Degree Programs in all Fields.

Shandong University CSC Scholarship 2020 Offers:

The Chinese Government Scholarship-Chinese University Program is a complete scholarship provided by the Ministry of Education to assist Chinese universities in recruiting excellent international students for graduate studies in China. Are you ready to apply to one of China’s top leading universities?

Shandong University Chinese Government Scholarships 2020 is now available and is an excellent opportunity for students who have dreamed of learning and discovering Chinese culture and the world on a full Chinese scholarship Master (MS/ M.Phil) and Ph.D. Studies.

Fully Funded Chinese Government Scholarships in 2020 will cover all expenses during the study in China.

Expenses Which Will Cover By CSC Scholarship 2020:
  1. Exempt from Registration Fee.
  2. Full Tuition Fee Covered.
  3. Free Accommodation on Campus.
  4. Fee for Comprehensive Medical Insurance and Benefit Plan for International Students in China.
  5. Laboratory experiments, internships, and basic textbooks funds.
Monthly living Allowance will be Given:
  • Master Degree Students: CNY 3,000 Yuan (USD 485)
  • Doctoral Degree Students: CNY 3,500 Yuan (USD 565)

Duration of Scholarship: This scholarship only supports graduate students. It supports master’s students for no more than three years, or doctoral students for no more than four years

Shandong University’s programs: Scholarships are required for Masters (MS/ M.Phil) and Ph.D. in multiple fields. Master’s degree period is 2-3 academic years, Doctoral degree 3-4 academic years. The length of the award is 2 Year, 3 Year, 4 Years (depending on the scheme you choose).

Below is a list of the curriculum descriptions.

English Master Program List:
  1. RehabilitationMedicine and Physiotherapy
  2. Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics
  3. Anesthesiology
  4. Dermatology and Venereal Disease
  5. Medical Imaging and Nuclear Medicine
  6. Internal Medicine (Respiratory System Disease)
  7. Human Anatomy, Histology, and Embryology
  8. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  9. Pathology and Physiopathology
  10. Medicinal Chemistry
  11. Pharmacognosy
  12. Microbial and Biochemical Pharmacy
  13. Pharmacology
  14. Natural Medicinal Chemistry
  15. Clinical Pharmacy
  16. Epidemiology & Health Statistics
  17. Occupational & Environmental Health
  18. Nutrition & Food Hygiene
  19. Social Medicine and Health Management
  20. Social Medicine and Health Administration
  21. Electrical Engineering
  22. Mechanical Engineering
  23. Materials Science and Engineering
  24. Civil Engineering
  25. Hydraulic Engineering
  26. Control Science and Engineering
  27. Power Electronics and Electrical Drives
  28. Biomedical Engineering
  29. Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics
  30. International Trade
  31. Finance
  32. International Economics
  33. Project Management
  34. Political Economics
  35. Western Economics
  36. Global Economics
  37. Finance
  38. Population, Resources, and Environmental Economics
  39. Quantitative Economics
  40. Labor Economics
  41. Inorganic Chemistry
  42. Analytical Chemistry
  43. Physical Chemistry
  44. Polymer Chemistry and Physics
  45. Chemical Engineering and Technology
  46. Pure Mathematics
  47. Financial Mathematics
  48. Operations Research
  49. Computational Mathematics
  50. English Language and Literature
  51. Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
  52. Environmental Engineering
  53. Environmental Science
  54. Environmental Science and Engineering
  55. Optical Engineering
  56. Electronic Science and Technology
  57. Information and Communication Engineering
  58. International Relations
  59. China Studies
  60. Public Administration
  61. Master in Experimental Particle Physics
  62. International Law
  63. Software Engineering
English Doctoral Programs:
  1. Oncology
  2. Internal Medicine (Hematologic Diseases)
  3. Surgery (General Surgery)
  4. Surgery (Plastic Surgery)
  5. Surgery (Neurosurgery)
  6. Gynecology
  7. Obstetrics
  8. Human Anatomy, Histology, and Embryology
  9. Pathology and Physiopathology
  10. Medicinal Chemistry
  11. Pharmaceutics
  12. Microbial and Biochemical Pharmacy
  13. Pharmacology
  14. Epidemiology & Health Statistics
  15. Occupational & Environmental Health
  16. Social Medicine and Health Management
  17. Social Medicine and Health Administration
  18. Electrical Engineering
  19. Mechanical Engineering
  20. Materials Science and Engineering
  21. Civil Engineering
  22. Control Science and Engineering
  23. Power Electronics and Electrical Drives
  24. Biomedical Engineering
  25. Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics
  26. International Trade
  27. Finance
  28. Political Economics
  29. Western Economics
  30. Global Economics
  31. Law and Economics
  32. Linguistic Economics
  33. Regional Economics
  34. Finance
  35. Industrial Economics
  36. Population, Resources and Environmental Economics
  37. Quantitative Economics
  38. Labor Economics
  39. Inorganic Chemistry
  40. Organic Chemistry
  41. Analytical Chemistry
  42. Physical Chemistry
  43. Polymer Chemistry and Physics
  44. Condensed Matter Physics
  45. Pure Mathematics
  46. Financial Mathematics
  47. Operations Research
  48. Computational Mathematics
  49. English Language and Literature
  50. Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
  51. Environmental Engineering
  52. Environmental Science
  53. Environmental Science
  54. Optical Engineering
  55. Electronic Science and Technology
  56. Information and Communication Engineering
  57. International Politics
  58. Analytical Chemistry
  59. Botany
  60. International Law
  61. Software Engineering
Eligibility Criteria:
  • Candidates must fulfill the following criteria to avail of this Scholarship for their study at Shandong Under CSC.
  • Applicants Must be Non-Chinese Citizens.
  • Applicants should be in healthy physical condition.
  • Applicants for Master’s degree studies must have a Bachelor’s degree and be under the age of 35.
  • Applicants for Doctoral degree studies must have a Master’s degree and be under the age of 40.
  • Excellent achievement in your study.
  • Comparative good ability in research.
  • Applicants do not gain any other scholarships.

Academic Requirements:

Masters Students:

  • Applicants with a bachelor’s degree are eligible to apply for Master’s Degree programs.

Ph.D. Students:

  • Applicants with a master’s degree are eligible to apply for Doctoral Degree programs
Documents Required For Apply:

List Of Documents Is Given Below:

  • CSC Application Form.
  • The highest degree diploma verified with official stamps should be uploaded. (Notarized photocopy)
  1. Master’s program applicants: Bachelor’s degree diploma (or above)
  2. Ph.D. program applicants: Master’s degree diploma (or above)
  3. Note: If the diploma is not in English, a notarized copy of a translation in English is required.
  • The highest degree Transcript verified with official stamps should be uploaded . (notarized photocopy)
  1. Master’s program applicants: Bachelor’s degree Transcripts (or above)
  2. Ph.D. program applicants: Master’s degree Transcripts (or above)
  3. Note: If the diploma is not in English, a notarized copy of a translation in English or is required.
  • Two recommendation letters

The letters of recommendation must be written by the applicant’s teachers/advisors/employers (who are able to evaluate your academic performance and research potential) in either English.

  • A study or research plan in Chinese or in English (no less than 800 words).
  • Published academic papers and academic achievements (not compulsory).
  • Applicants need to provide a score report of HSK level 4 or above or a certificate from the former university that the previous degree is taught in Chinese. Only for Chinese-taught programs.
  • Passport Scan (if available at the time of application)
  • Digital ID photo with white background
  • Photocopy of Foreigner Physical Examination Form filled in English.
  • Acceptance letter from a supervisor (not compulsory)
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Photographs
  • English Language Proficiency Certificate:
  1. Applicants whose native language is not English need to provide score reports of the English language proficiency tests (a score above IELTS 6.0 or TOEFL Internet-based 80 or equivalent).
  2. Those students whose language institute was in English can Submit English Proficiency Certificate from their Home University & they are exempted from Language Test.
  • Other reference documents (if applicable)

The Last Date To Apply For The ShanDong University CSC Scholarship 2020 In China 2020 Is 31st March 2020

How To Apply For Shandong University CSC Scholarships 2020:

Student has to Apply Online ON CSC Portal and Shandong University Admission Portal.

Process Steps:
  1. Student have to click Here to Register First on CSC Portal: Register Here
  2. After Login, Select Program Category is B and The code of Shandong University is 10422
  3. Fill the CSC Form with above-required Documents.
  4. After Completion of form, Download It.
  5. Next Step is to Register on Shandong Admission Portal: Register Here
  6. Fill the Application form along with required documents and submit your application to get your Shandong application number.

Chinese Government Scholarship applicants must also send their application materials by post to the Admission Office of SDU International Students & Scholars Center.

Contact information:
Shandong University Mail Address:
27 Shanda Nanlu, Shandong University (Central Campus), Mingde Building, C301, Jinan, P. R. China; Postal code: 250100.

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